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Development Update, Whitepaper and Other News

April 21, 2015

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to give everyone an update on the project and what we are focusing on right now. Currently the team is working on many different projects for development, marketing and outreach. We’ve made some great progress with marketing & outreach, we’ll have more about that in the coming weeks/months. We know it’s been quiet for a couple weeks and there’s good reason for that.

Development Update – v0.12.0.0

Mobile Wallets Capable of DS and IX

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Management Proposal

We’ve been working on a plan for months now to fully decentralize the projects funding and management going forward. This is a brand new concept in crypto and goes beyond the foundation model. We’re very excited, as we believe it solves some long standing issues that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have faced. We’ll be releasing a detailed whitepaper about this concept on Wednesday this week.

Dash Whitepaper V1

The old whitepaper was very out of date, we’ve updated it and detailed all technology that we’re using within Dash. Click here to read the new whitepaper!


The Dash Team