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November 2015 Budget Proposal

October 29, 2015

Evan Duffield:

It’s that time again, here are the Core Team budget proposals for this month. We’ve made some great progress which should be visible in the next 2-3 months. It’s going to take a bit, because we need a ton of work done all at the same time to achieve the results we’re looking for.

Previous Items

  1. Electrum Client/Server Implementation (major development part completed)
    We’ve released the Electrum Beta1 release on mainnet, you can see that here:
  2. Core Team Budget – $2904 – 1176 DASH
  3. Public Awareness Campaign – $5500 (ongoing)
    We’ve been working on our public awareness campaign, which is getting highly organized. You can see more information about this here:
  4. Liquidity Providers – $300
    We have created a new team to support the network by providing liquidity for the mixing on the network. Results for mixing on the network look promising, users have reported being able to mix in a few hours instead of days.

New Proposal Items:

3rd Latin American Bitcoin Conference 2015 – Mexico City – $3.808.00

We are very excited that we were able to secure a speaking opportunity at the highly renowned 3rd Latin American Bitcoin Conference this year. It is taking place in Mexico City and last year the event took place in Rio de Janeiro. Past speakers of this event include Erik Vorhees, Andreas Antonopolus, Tony Gallipi and many others. Please check the details at:

At laBITconf, we will be presenting Dash to business representatives, industry experts and potential end users, and giving an update about Evolution as we prepare for the Miami keynote. We will be sponsoring a booth to exhibit Dash and talk directly to as many people as possible. The cost of this exhibit is $2000.

Beyond that we (Daniel and I) are requesting that our flights and hotel be refunded as follows:

The North American Bitcoin Conference – BTC Miami – $4160.00

Another recent announcement was made for our appearance at BTC Miami on January 26th! This is going to be our platform for officially showing a prototype and much more information about work on Dash Evolution.

The Bitcoin Miami event is the place to be for a new and exciting cryptocurrency project like Dash. When we’re not presenting, we would still like the opportunity to reach out to people and teach them about Dash. To achieve this we are looking into exhibit opportunities at BTC Miami to allow us to reach more people at a cost of between $1500-$2000. Any excess funds will be used as part of the public awareness budget.

We (Daniel and I) request that our flights and hotel costs be refunded as follows:

Amsterdam Bitcoin Wednesday Promotional Costs – $934.00

When we prepared for the Netherlands presentation, we used some of our own resources to pay for the professional slides and a banner. The presentation slides, templates and icons are reusable, so we’ll use them for the December and January conferences (we’ll have some next slides made as well, but that will be much cheaper).

Conference materials cost breakdown structure:

We have negotiated 10% discount to the initial offer (for the package of services and for the non-commercial organization).

November Budget Summary:
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.44.59 PM


To support our new budgets, you can use the following commands: