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9th DASH ATM Installed in Florida

July 12, 2017

Florida-based Bitcoin ATM operator ByteyFederal, which added DASH support to eight of its machines in Florida at the beginning of July, has added a new DASH-branded ATM inside the Florida Keys visitor center in Key Largo.

The new ATM allows only fiat-to-crypto transactions and buyers will be paying a 15.1% fee.

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Lee from ByteFederal installing the new ATM, Image via Dash AeroSports‏ on Twitter
According to CoinATMradar, buyers will be allowed to purchase a maximum of $9500 worth of DASH per transaction, with a daily limit of $95,000.

Although ByteFederal has enabled DASH on its other ATMs, this is ByteFederal’s first DASH-branded ATM in the state. In a statement to Dash AeroSports, ByteFederal said:

“This is ATM #1 of the first wave of ATMs we are introducing. First joint-venture between DASH AeroSports and ByteFederal!”

DASH ATM image by Razor-Forex