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ALTCOINS Dash [DASH] is realizing the ‘Satoshi vision’, says Max Keiser

August 27, 2018

On 23rd August, in a video released by the Keiser Report, Max Keiser stated that Dash is the cryptocurrency that realizes ‘Satoshi vision’. The influential podcast host was comparing Bitcoin’s use cases and Dash’s use cases and stated that the Dash wallet is for the people as evidenced by its rapid adoption.

He also stated as to how other coins are reacting to the market cap, citing a common scenario where cryptocurrency value rises or falls according to the market cap. Keiser added that Dash was bucking the trend by seeing a bullish run during a typically bearish market, again crediting the systematic method with which Dash has penetrated the crumbling Venezuelan economy.

Reports show that over 540 merchants in Venezuela have adopted Dash taking the total number of users of the cryptocurrency to be more than ten thousand. Aika Tattoo, a tattoo bar said that Dash as a cryptocurrency was an innovation and that the main reason why they adopted Dash is that cryptocurrency transactions are instantaneous and secure. They have also stated that the current economic situation in Venezuela makes it imperative for transactions to be fast, safe and without restrictions.

Keiser also added that the remittance market for Dash was huge and that the cryptocurrency has surpassed all expectations. Mundo Mascotas, another trader in Venezuela commented that the economic crisis played a huge role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The trader also went on to say that the Venezuelan diaspora who takes over the duties of their families uses “Dash as a tool for remittances”.

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