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Dash Adoption Pushes Forward in Africa

October 5, 2018

Dash Hub Africa and Dash Africa have been spearheading Dash adoption in Africa despite inconsistent funding for their projects.

Ghana and Nigeria continue to top the charts of countries that use Dash to purchase mobile airtime through Bitrefill, according to stats shared with Dash Force News by both organizations. Dash Hub Africa has been pursuing merchant and consumer adoption via their ambassador program. When they visited the Ivory Coast, their ambassadors were able to get 25 merchants to accept Dash and listed on Dash Hub Africa told Dash Force News that “consumers are willing to spend Dash on basic utilities like bills, airtime, subscription and vouchers”, which makes the “5 of the 8 countries from Dash Hub Africa be ranked on Bitrefill metrics as some of the highest in the world (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Togo)”. Dash Hub Africa also discussed the overall advantages they see for Africans to adopt Dash.

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