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Dash Labs Exclusive Update: Interview with Tito Rios on Data Collection Protocol

October 16, 2018

After a long period without public updates, Dash Labs, the research and development project headed up by Dash’s founder Evan Duffield, has broken the silence with an exclusive interview with Dash Force News. Tito Rios, Senior Data Structures Developer and Analyst for Dash Labs, outlined the group’s project next scheduled for release: the Dash Labs Data Collection Protocol. The Protocol, due for a beta release at the end of Q1 2019, will serve as a decentralized platform for submitting academic research for peer review, as well as serve as a marketplace for acquiring access to research by universities and companies. The project aims to decentralize the academic research field and provide a streamlined and cost-effective way of accessing said research, while using Dash for transactions on the platform.

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