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Dash Plans Major Privacy Overhaul in Upcoming 12.4 Update

October 19, 2018

Dash is working on implementing a series of improvements to the PrivateSend anonymous transaction feature, including hints at future encryption-based solutions.

As part of the upcoming 12.4 update, expected for release over the coming weeks, a series of optimizations and fixes have been added to PrivateSend, Dash’s privacy feature which implements masternodes to mix the funds of many users so that the resulting transaction’s origin is hidden. According to Dash Core lead developer Udjinm6, the improvements should both improve the speed of the mixing process and its reliability in protecting user privacy:

“New changes should make mixing slightly faster due to multiple (4 by default) mixing sessions running in parallel now and make it harder to analyse mixing transactions thanks to more variance and more accuracy of the input selection algorithm.”

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