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Cryptocurrency Exchange to Bring Advantages of Dash to Southeast Asia with New Integration

October 24, 2018

MBAex, the Southeast Asian cryptocurrency exchange, will be integrating Dash into its platform with USDT, BTC and MDP (their own platform token) trading pairs, thanks to the work from Dash Embassy D-A-CH.

The open trading launch time is as follows:

The exchange’s current consumer base is “70% from Greater China area (China, Taiwan, HK, Macau)”, “20% SE Asia”, and “10% Other” areas with “daily website traffic of approximately 1.8mil access and active trader count of approximately 200k to 300k individuals”. MBAex told Dash Force News that they currently have “around 1.3mil registered KYC-ed users”. The integration will exposure Dash to more individuals along with having the advantages of their “24hrs live chat support and an affiliate program to drive the growth of user base and transactions”, according to private messages with MBAex.

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