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Dash Stress Test Nov 11th 2018 (community run)

November 5, 2018

As many of you probably already know from Discord or we have reached our Donation Goal for the upcoming Dash Stress Test at its address: XuWHF7BvReYFEZrmGMqZJQbKxJyTWNP9Za We would like to thank the great community to help out, talk about this and all the mentions from Dash Force News, Reddit, Discord channels, etc. Feel free to warn miners, block explorers, exchanges and your friends about this, but based on our previous tests and experiences everything will run as smoothly as it always does with Dash.

The Stress Test will start on Sunday, 11th November, 2018 and a countdown plus some fun visuals and sounds are available on the website for this stress test:
The goal is to reach as many tx as possible on the Dash blockchain, which might be up to 4-5 million transactions in 24h if we can fill up most blocks to the max. possible 2MB. Users are encouraged to use Dash as much as possible as well and we have additional announcements later this week (hint hint: 3 Amigos Dash Podcast this Friday from the great Dash Force News guys).

While it would have been cool to have version 0.13 released and ready yet, it will take a bit more time and we decided not to wait much longer and just execute the stress test with all of the testing we already did in the past months to make sure we can fill up as much as possible of the current 2MB Dash Blocksize. Once Dash 0.13 (which changes quite a bit and needs additional testing as InstantTx might become the norm) and also when Dash 1.0 is out we also will do some tests and might to another big event, stay tuned 🙂

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