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Dash Point-of-Sale App Spark Wins Start-Up Challenge, Integrates CoinText

November 22, 2018

Spark, a point-of-sales system for Dash is continuing to build itself on a lean budget by innovating in both funding and code during the cryptocurrency bear market.

Kodaxx, developer of Spark, detailed how the platform has recently received $5,000 USD towards the business, 10 hours of pro-bono legal counsel, and office space for 1 year through The WTBC (Wyoming Technology Business Center) Sheridan’s 2018 Start-Up Challenge. Previously, Spark received funding from one proposal in the Dash Treasury, one in Dash Boost, and his own personal funds. Kodaxx said that 40-50 entrants were whittled down to 5 finalists, of which 3 winners were selected. The prizes can be viewed as a grant to catalyze business in Wyoming since Kodaxx did not have to offer anything from Spark other than register as a business with The State of Wyoming. Kodaxx expects to stretch the additional funds as far as possible to help carry the business forward.

“By my estimate, it could pay for 20-30 extra hours of development work, the new hardware prototypes, and a marketing strategy (put together by a real marketing agency), business development plan, branding, etc.”

Additionally, Kodaxx told Dash Force News that just yesterday he completed integration of CoinText into Spark, which will allow non-smartphone users to use Dash via SMS text.

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